Royalty Free Stock School Clipart by Alex Bannykh

  1. Cute and Smart Young Male Lion Wearing Clothes, Walking Through Fallen Leaves and Carrying a Book and Pencil to School
  2. Cheerful Young Male Lion Wearing Clothes and Walking Through Leaves on His Way to School
  3. Smart Brown Dog Wearing a Graduation Cap and Reading a Book
  4. Cheerful and Friendly Bear Cub Student Wearing a Colorful Hat, Waving and Carrying a Green Library or School Book
  5. Friendly Brown Teddy Bear Cub Student Wearing a Green and Yellow Hat, Carrying a Pink and Purple School Book and Waving
  6. Colorful School Supplies Around a Backpack
  7. Clever, Smiling Book Character Wearing Glasses and Reading a Memo, Stacks of Colorful Books on the Sides
  8. Globe Surrounded by Colorful School Books and Supplies
  9. Happy Brown Dog Standing with a Bouncy Ball, Behind Colorful Books
  10. Colorful School House, Home or Building with Curtains in the Windows and a Flower Garden in the Yard, Surrounded by Large Green Bushes
  11. Smiling Happy Blond Boy Holding up His School Supplies
  12. Boy and Girl Listening to a Book Character Wearing Glasses
  13. Two Smiling Yellow School Books Standing Guard with Flags
  14. Colorful Picture of a Ringing Bell and Pink Flowers in Front of a School Building with Blue Windows
  15. Teacher
  16. Female Teacher Grading Algebra and Geometry Homework with a Colorful Bulletin Board Behind Her
  17. Electrical Explosion Shocking a Female Teacher
  18. School Girl Conducting a Science Experiment in a Colorful Lab
  19. Female Red Haired Teacher Buried in Letters and Books
  20. Male Teacher Conducting a Steamy Science Experiment at a Table
  21. Bushes in the Yard of a Small Cute Yellow School
  22. Happy Little Boy Tossing His School Supplies into the Air As Summer Starts
  23. Confused School Boy Surrounded by Shapes, Rulers, Pencils and School Books, on White
  24. Shocked School Girl Conducting a Failing Chemistry Experiment While Her Chemicals Explode
  25. Purple Education Graduation Cap on a Book over a Plaque with a Feather
  26. Group of School Children Conducting Wacky Science Experiments
  27. Female Math Teacher Teaching School Students Advanced Geometry and Algebra
  28. Telescope, Pencil, Pen, Eraser, Ruler, Compass and Leaves in Front of a School Globe
  29. Full Blue Backpack Resting in Front of Autumn Leaves and a Bouquet of Flowers
  30. Mad or Stern Science Teacher Staring at a Confused School Boy in a Science Lab
  31. Smart, Witty School Girl Surrounded by Math Symbols
  32. Female Science Teacher Discussing the Solar System and Spectrum with Children
  33. Blonde School Girl Using a Computer in a School Lab
  34. Cute White School Boy Sitting on a Slanted Triangle, Doing His Math Homework
  35. Grinning Friendly Female Teacher Holding a Blank Sign and Pointer Stick and Standing by a Globe
  36. Purple Text Book and School Supplies
  37. Cheerful Happy School Boy Surrounded by His School Stuff
  38. White School Boy with a Camera Watching a Snake Charmer
  39. Cute Smart School Girl Standing in Front of and Pointing to a Blank Chalk Board
  40. Smiling Smart Little Boy Pointing to a Location on a Map in Geography Class, a Paper Airplane Flying Above
  41. Group of Happy Children Touring London, Admiring Big Ben
  42. Group of Teacher
  43. Golden School Building with Blue Windows and a Gate on White
  44. Cute and Smart School Boy Writing a Long Story at a Desk
  45. School Boy Running down Wall Street with an American Flag
  46. Little Boy Floating in Outer Space As an Astronaut
  47. Colorful Picture of a Female Math Teacher and Students with a Calculator and Numbers
  48. Cute Little Boy Creating an Explosion During a Science Experiment
  49. Boy Standing in Front of a Umbrella Circle and Girl Listening to a Radio
  50. Happy Little School Boy Standing Outside a Building
  51. Querky Contemplating Male Teacher Working in a Complex Science Lab
  52. School Girl Trying to Figure out a Difficult, Challenging Math Problem
  53. Paper Plane Flying past a Happy School Girl in a Classroom As She Looks out a Window at a Cat
  54. Female School Teacher Teaching Elementary School Students the Alphabet
  55. Cute School Boy Riding down a Red Line on Arrows, Tossing Books and Pens
  56. Cheerful Male Teacher Supervising School Boys and Girls in a Science Lab
  57. Smiling School Boy in His Uniform, Standing and Holding a Book
  58. Cute Graduate Dog Reading
  59. Graph Paper and School Item Frame Around Text Space