Royalty Free Stock School Clipart by Julos

  1. 3d Happy Yellow Pencil Character Smiling
  2. 3d Happy Lime Green Pencil Character
  3. 3d White Graduate Holding up a Thumb and a Diploma
  4. 3d Happy Yellow Pencil Smiling to the Right
  5. 3d Male Grad Student Jumping with a Diploma
  6. 3d Male Graduate Jumping with a Rolled Diploma
  7. 3d Yellow Man with a Giant Blue Pencil
  8. 3d White Man Holding a Large Pencil
  9. 3d Brown Dog Writing with a Pencil
  10. 3d Brown Dog Holding a Pencil
  11. 3d Red Letter J Character
  12. Happy 3d Red Character Letter L
  13. 3d Red Letter K Character
  14. 3d Happy Red Letter U Character
  15. 3d Green Frog Weighing Himself on a Scale
  16. 3d Mouse Wearing Glasses and Writing with a Giant Pencil
  17. 3d Sad Pencil Pouting
  18. 3d Happy Yellow Pencil Character Smiling and Gesturing
  19. 3d Chrome Capital Alphabet Letter M
  20. 3d Chrome Letter V
  21. 3d Chrome Letter P
  22. 3d Graduate Frog over a Sign
  23. 3d Graduate Frog Hugging Earth
  24. 3d Graduate Green Frog Holding up and Pointing to a Sign